Manual Therapy Loveland, CO

Manual Therapy

Courcier Clinic specializes in Sequenced Manual Therapy that focuses on the area of greatest restriction or problem.  Treatment will begin with sequenced manual therapy and pain relieving modalities. We perform a comprehensive evaluation of the person to address the musculoskeletal system and determine the area that is not moving or working to the fullest potential. When the area is determined, we assist the person through movement to regain optimal function in each joint, muscle, or fascial/connective tissue layer. Using gentle techniques we move through targeted layers of the body to remove barriers to healing.

We use Specific Manual Therapy Techniques to achieve the desired effects and optimal outcomes for healing for each patient. 

Manual therapy techniques may include:

  • Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Deep Tissue Mobilization
  • Muscle Energy Release
  • Functional Movement
  • Direct Mobilization
  • Passive Range Of Motion or Active Assisted Range Of Motion (depending on the patient’s needs)