"It is with a renewed spirit and painless body that I write to thank you for all of your help. After spending the past several years in other physical therapy clinics, I am thrilled to have found you. Your individual approach, personal attention, and spirited attitude have renewed my faith and my belief that I CAN live life without pain in my neck and back. As a dental hygienist, being more aware of my posture has enabled me to be better at my job, too." 


 "Thanks to the team at Courcier Clinic for getting my back on track! I'm running consistently with no pain!"

-Dr.Don Adams, MD

 "Jeff Courcier is a P.T. well-versed in physical therapy as a manual therapist."-

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-- Mike

 "You all have touched so many lives! You are blessed and mean so much to so many. Thank you!"


 "What a professional, caring, and dedicated team of people! You have healing hands, a compassionate heart, and a sincere desire to better the lives of your patients."


 "After struggling for over 13 years with health problems, I feel that you were the step that started my healing." 

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-- L'Donna

 "Appreciate the personal attention and the care that my thoughts and concerns were taken into consideration during treatments."


 "I very much appreciate the attentiveness and personalized care for immediate pain relief as well as recommendations for exercises for future care."

--Tanya, RN

 "I was amazed at how kind and encouraging the entire staff were to all their patients. In addition to being incredibly knowledgeable, they are proficient at knowing how to motivate each individual patient to reach their maximal potential. Every patient is truly cared for as a whole person- physically, mentally, and spiritually".