Wellness Information

After completing your physical therapy program, you may ask yourself – “does Courcier Clinic offer programs once I am better?”

The answer is yes! Courcier Clinic recommends monthly Wellness Visits.

Why Wellness? Wellness includes manual therapy and therapeutic exercise recommendations for your optimal well-being!

Wellness visits are 30 minutes and cash only. Insurance does not cover prevention/maintenance visits, but these visits can help you prevent bigger problems.

The Initial Wellness Evaluation is $135.00

We offer 10% off for Healthcare Workers on Wellness visits!

Discount Wellness Bundles:

  • 1 Wellness visitl-$80.00/Manual Therapy OnlyWellness Bundles-Pre-paid
  • 5- Wellness visits $385.00 ($77./visit)
  • 10Wellness visits $740.00 ($74./visit)
  • 20-Wellness visits $1385.00 ($69.25/visit)