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pilates courcier clinic

Pilates is a system of exercise started by Joseph Pilates that uses special equipment designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness. We use the Pilates Reformer, Tower, Chair, and Basic Mat Pilates to help teach people to take back control of their bodies! 

jeff and tracey testimonial

“It is with a renewed spirit and painless body that I write to thank you for all of your help. After spending the past several years in other physical therapy clinics, I am thrilled to have found you. Your individual approach, personal attention, and spirited attitude have renewed my faith and my belief that I CAN live life without pain in my neck and back. As a dental hygienist, being more aware of my posture has enabled me to be better at my job, too.” 

For more information on how Pilates can help with your recovery, contact Courcier Clinic Physical Therapy today at Courcier Clinic .